Photography- Why I do What I do.

Thomas Pickett Reserve, Burra Creek, Burra South Australia
Thomas Pickett Reserve, Burra Creek, Burra South Australia

The photos that I take are mostly candid portraiture  and landscape. This was not a conscious decision but rather these are the things that most interest me. With landscapes I like to include cityscape and architectural photography. I guess that amounts to photography of places.  I venture into other forms of when I can unless expensive specialist equipment is required.

While I continue to take photographs I am also attempting to edit and collate photos covering a period of 50 years. There are over 20,000 images and many will be rejected outright and many others will be passed over. The exercise involves digitising a large collection of analogue photos as well as sifting through a large collection of digital images.

As the task proceeds I will publish the results on this website.

I intend to publish a series of albums collated from photographs I have taken over the past 50 years. They bring back many memories as some people are no longer with us and those that are are no longer the same. In some cases iconic landmarks have been destroyed. There will also be many recent photographs as I am still photographically active.